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Building a solid foundation for your business

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Executive Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is often the most overlooked area in a business structure, which can lead to decisions that take a company in the wrong direction. We ensure books are built correctly, providing an accurate compass for operational growth.

Standard of Procedure

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Our team brings simplicity and order to struggling areas behind-the-scenes. 

We tailor SOP creation based on what you want to accomplish, and produce effective and easy to use staff training guidelines to keep your business moving forward.

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From the beginning of the tax year to the end, we work to provide the business owner with in-depth financial reporting, cash flow analysis, budget assistance, and more.  Combined with our Executive Bookkeeping, we can become the Accounting Department for your business.

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Our company is family owned and operated, assisting business owners across the US to create a solid foundation for their company. We evaluate operations behind-the-scenes that are often overlooked, ranging from bookkeeping to everyday business procedures. We not only excel at efficiently managing financial books, but we dive into the complex reconstruction of company files and administrative roles. Our goal is to give business owners the ability to focus on their company operations and growth while we provide an accurate compass to these living, breathing areas within the organization.


Trust is important when working with vital information, which is why we focus on building relationships with our clients and offering tailored feedback specific to each industry. If a client is struggling in areas such as budgeting, payroll, or inefficient procedures, we have the expertise to evaluate, determine issues, and offer solutions. Our aim is to provide the relationship of an in-house Accounting and Administration team, without the extra costs associated with hiring additional staff members. Let us be a part of your business family!

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New Direction Business Solutions covers many aspects of the business realm, such as:

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Financial Reporting

Payroll Services

Efficiency Audits

Client Coaching

Management Accounting

Virtual Controller

Process Creation & Implementation

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QuickBooks® Certified Executive Bookkeeping

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Our most popular service is a complete company restructure of your books. Don't simply put a band-aid on your financial situation. Instead, let us reset your books and rebuild them to be accurate and simplified. We will make   sure your company is prepped for tax handoff and able to make sound decisions based on accurate information.

Let us navigate your business to where it needs to be

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