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Cancellation of Services: Either party may at any time terminate the performance of all or any portion of the Services provided. Client must provide a thirty (30) day prior written notice stating its intention to cancel and the date upon which such termination shall be effective. The final monthly cost is processed either on the current installment schedule following notice, or at the date of file hand-off, whichever occurs first AND at the discretion of the Client. This payment covers the off-boarding process and provides New Direction Business Solutions [NDBS] a reasonable notice of cancellation.


Client communication is required to successfully complete services quoted, and NDBS reserves the right to terminate services immediately for any reason, including but not limited to: Criminal activity, lack of client communication, discovery of unethical practice, or if NDBS has determined they can no longer fulfill services agreed upon for the client.

ALL payments to New Direction Business Solutions are non-refundable.

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